Sun, 16 Jan 2022

Object positioning systems have already proven their efficiency for outside working. For instance, satellite navigational systems help to control relocation of transport, and nowadays no logistics company can function without 24/7 monitoring of each vehicle; built-in GPS in mobile phones helps the users and the companies offering goods and services on territorial principle.

However, until recently the efficiency of such systems was strictly limited - they did not work until a person entered a room or a vehicle entered a garage. Today the situation has changed: positioning of people, equipment and vehicles is possible both outside and inside, and positioning accuracy reaches up to several dozen centimeters. It offers new opportunities, regarding both business efficiency and safety, for the industries of all branches.

How does it work?

At the beginning of 2017, The RTL Service Company Group was granted a patent for innovative and high-precision object positioning technology regardless of where it is used - inside or outside. Each required object - an employee, a vehicle or a piece of equipment - is equipped with a special tag, and the area where the object is - is equipped with several access points. Access point automatically measures the distance to the tag within a certain time, afterwards the system analyzes the signal strength, its propagation time and other parameters using three access points. Based on the data received, the system locates the moving tag.

The specialists of the RTL Service Group developed the "RealTrac Positioning" product using the patented proprietary technology. The RealTrac Positioning is designed in order to provide accurate positioning within the premises and in open area, wherever the use of global navigational systems is inefficient, challenging or impossible.

Why is it necessary?

First of all, local positioning systems help to monitor personnel location continuously without any additional actions. It is important in terms of compliance with work-and-rest schedule; cost-effectiveness analysis of personnel movements and operations (including access level control); ensuring safety - in case of emergency the location of an employee in need is known.

As far as the mining industry is concerned - personnel safety is the mandatory requirement of the law there. The RealTrac hybrid positioning system provides zonal positioning of personnel and equipment that guarantees compliance with these requirements, and also makes it possible to switch from zonal to accurate rtls positioning without any re-equipment.

In addition to personnel positioning, the RealTrac provides transport, equipment, containers and pallets positioning within the premises. It ensures optimization of current business processes and increases quality and speed of work completion.

Much more than just a positioning system

In addition to personnel and equipment positioning, the RealTrac provides multi-channel voice communication over interference-free channel, data gathering and data transmission from the equipment, gas analyzers, pressure and temperature sensors - all these opportunities are available even where the regular radio communication is not. It is possible to add necessary health control equipment to the system, for instance, pulse or atmosphere control. Besides, special sensors issue an alarm signal in case of man-down situations or loss of consciousness.

The RealTrac Positioning is mainly designed for manufactures where positioning systems help to save peoples lives. However, the solution happened to be in demand not only in terms of safety but also for improving business efficiency and it has been successfully applied in logistics centers, transportation companies, healthcare institutions and other enterprises - wherever business processes need a constant personnel, equipment positioning control for the subsequent analysis and optimization.

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